Sunday Soul Session

Posted by: DJ SW1

WP_20150726_012First, I would like to give a shout out to Magic City Radar for supporting me in my upcoming event. I am very excited about “Sunday Soul Sessions”. I’ve waited a while for the right time and place to make this happen. I think the time is now! We have entered a major renaissance period in the downtown Birmingham area. All the old locations are now the new locations again. Thus, we need to make our move before it’s too late. I decided to make 3rd Avenue the spot. It’s the perfect location to start the movement. The newly reconstructed Lyric Theater looks to bring a lot of hype and crowds from everywhere. In addition to Lyric, we have the Alabama Theater just across the street which has always held its own. The lights from the big theaters will help illuminate the sky and lead the crowd directly to my movement. Now that the scene and the lights are right, let’s make it happen, Sunday Soul Sessions!!!!!

Why do I feel I am the one to get the soul movement started on 3rd Avenue, you may ask! For no other reason than, I was raised in this industry. As the son of a jazz vocalist, since I can recall, I have always loved the sound of music. The power and feeling music creates inside of you is indescribable. Music has the power to make you happy or sad, act good or bad, and change your entire mood with just a simple change of a tune or whisper of words. With such an incredible power and control music can bring, I knew this was and is the profession I wanted to be involved in all of my life. And, now, it’s my time to make my mark on the music industry through the rebirth of 3rd Avenue in Birmingham.FB_20150508_10_01_27_Saved_Picture

In life, not many people’s dreams come to fruition. Luckly, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the music game at an early age to help my dream come true. By working with my dad at his music club (Ona’s Music Room), I was able to receive not only an early, but also a close-up and hands-on approach to the music industry. Without a doubt, my early love and understanding of music can be credited to the time I spent around my dad. He introduced me to so many soulful sounds and heavy musical artists in my youth. The list is so long I wouldn’t dare to try and name them all. And, It would be wrong to just name a few; therefore, I won’t name any. What’s important to know about the musical sessions I had at an early age is they helped mold into the man I am today. The music and quality artist surrounding me helped me to become the versatile and musically inclined DJ I am today.

FB_20150423_21_38_58_Saved_PictureAlthough I knew I wanted to work as a DJ in the music arena, this did not stop me from exploring other musical interests. Over the years, I have worked in a number of different musical professions. At Infinite Group, I worked as a sound production assistant and had the honor of working with names like: Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Chris Brown, Neyo, Ce Ce Winans, Donnie McClurkin, and Jill Scott. I also worked as a booking agent and recruited bands for my father. Regardless of the various music areas in which I worked, nothing compared to being a DJ.