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c600x957For those of you fortunate enough to live in the Birmingham, you know we have four true seasons. Unlike other cities, we get a real winter, spring, summer, and fall, the weather here should not be taken lightly. One can easily overheat in the summer or freeze in the winter. As for me, it is all good, because I stay tuned-in to the weather and abreast of the season. I can truly say I love the weather and seasons here. If asked, different people may share different opinions. Some favor the winter and dislike the fall or completely love the spring and hate the summer. I love them all because I get to shop for them all separately, and do I like to shop! I can explore my fashion creativity and I always do.

This last week in Birmingham was bitterly cold. Thus, I think it is fair to say the winter season is officially upon us. While others may have run from the cold, brisk temperatures, I embraced them. It gave me an excuse to pull out my boots. Yes, my boots! And, now, since we are on the subject of boots, I think it is fitting that we spend a little time talking about them.

Boots are a fashion staple for Fall and Winter in my opinion. I like them because they are versatile, provide numerous options for dressing, and come in a wide array of styles for both the sophisticated and not-so sophisticated woman. Some of the options available with boots include suede, leather, ankle boots, wedge booties, bright colors, croc print, visible zipper details, studs, and so many more. All of which I consider, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I am certain you can tell by now how excited I am about boots this season!

c600x644I have something to share that will make all of us shout. This season, I went shopping for a client and as it always happens, I ended up spotting a pair of amazing suede boots that screamed my name. I discovered the price and brand of the boot at the same time. At that moment, I began giving these fabulous boots the side eye. The Brand was Sam Edelman – Circus and the price was $34.99. If you know anything about Mr. Edelman, you know that he is not listing the retail price anywhere near $34.99. I was actually in Ross so I considered it to be possible but still a stretch! After the cashier scanned my boots, she seemed to think that $34.99 might be a stretch also. She did some investigation and found that she had to sell it to me for $34.99….YESSSSS! If you research Sam Edelman’s “Tatum” Over The Knee Boot, you will see that it retails for $220.00. Again, I say YESSSSS!!

My hope is that you fierce women come across a FAB deal that takes your breath way. Either way, there are some must haves when it comes to shopping for the Over the Knee Boot. I will provide you with two key points when shopping for the perfect Over the Knee Boot:

  1. Material: Genuine Leather or Suede.

2. Color: Neutral such as Black or a shade of Brown….Luxe!

Following my suggested materials and colors will almost ensure that you look classy and chic.

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