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DSC04212It is so easy to get in a style rut. We find ourselves wearing the same pieces over and over again. We feel as if we do not have any clothes, but the problem lies in our failure to buy versatile clothing. Often, we fail to use the right hemisphere of our brain, our creative center, applying it to style and fashion. When this lacks, you find yourself standing in your closet realizing that your dresses are appropriate for work but not play. That fitted jumpsuit that is in your closet should only be worn at night or on the weekend – or should it?

Love, I want to tell you that it is most definitely versatile. I’ll show you how simple it is! In the pictures below, you will see how easy it is to pull of two looks by changing the use of black pants.DSC04185-2


I understand that remixing clothing may not come easily but I want to stress that it is possible. It all starts with cleaning out your closet! When you are ready to begin the journey of remixing clothing, follow these simple instructions:

1. Remove all clothing from your closet—Yes everything!

2. Sort clothing from your closet and separate into the following piles:

  • Amazing! You absolutely love this item and would not give it up for nothing.
  • This item is not one of your favs but you may be able to use it forDSC04187 something. It may have cost you a pretty penny and you can’t see yourself giving it up. It does not quite fit right. If you find yourself placing this item in one of these categories or similar, put it in a box and place it far in the back of the closet or garage. If you need it, you know where to find it. If you do not ever go after it – Bye Bye!
  • Absolutely NOT! You may not have this thing all worked out but you know that there is no chance that this item will ever lay against your skin—EVER!
  • Items such as Wool Coats, Boots (depending on your location), and the like go in another box or similar storage. You LOVE this item but you have to part ways – Just for a season or two!

3. Return the clothes that you absolutely love to your closet. Assess what you have and think about how you can make them work more for you by remixing.

DSC04215.JPGAt this point, you may be in panic mode because it looks like your closet is bare but more than likely, it is not! Do NOT run to the mall or wherever you love to shop. Instead, take this time to put on your favorite song(s) and brainstorm. Really think about how many different ways you can wear what you already have. This is the perfect time to get the most out of your closet. Since this is your first shot at making this happen, put your smart phone to use and take pictures of every combination that you think of. The outfit can be on you or spread out across your bed or floor. This will allow you to recall what you liked and help you plan for the weeks ahead. In the end, I am certain that you will discover that your wardrobe is more than meets the eye!



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