_DSC9926Zumba classes at Railroad Park are really a great way to get fit. Class participants can workup a great sweat and burn an average of 500 calories per class session. My Zumba classes can oftentimes be very high tempo and physically exhausting. If you are not careful, you can become dehydrated. Therefore, I encourage class members to drink plenty of water and make sure they are adequately hydrated to perform Zumba. We really work hard in the class, but we also have lots of fun. I am sure you can see how fun the classes are by the videos Magic City Radar has posted. So, if there is anyone out there interesting in toning their muscles, relieving harmful stress, and meeting new people; I would suggest joining me at Railroad Park for Zumba.

Here are some things you may not know about Zumba


  1.   Muscle Toner- Generally, Zumba focuses on the larger muscle groups but many instructors have routines that zone in on arms, core, back, thighs, etc. This can help sculpt and tone your muscle! With upbeat music and crazy energy, you’ll barely realize how hard you are working.
  2. Stress Reliever- Zumba is great way to relieve stress, not only does it benefit your body, it benefits your mind as well. It helps lower your blood pressure and reduces elevated heart rates. Zumba enables you to focus on positive aspects of life while helping you better handle not so positive and stressful situations in life.
  3. Meet New Friends– Whether you are an outgoing person or shy person, Zumba is great way for you to meet new friends.  As result, classmates often encourage and push you to work harder.  Two is always better than one, so once you get in the routine attending Zumba with friends, it will be hard to cancel.



Hopefully these tidbits of information will prove helpful to you and motivate you to join me for Zumba. Classes are held every Wednesday at 6pm at Railroad Park. Let’s have some Fun!!!!