Post by Joi Iman

Looking back on the past 2 ½ years of serving as a Mommy, I can honestly say that I understand how the notion of caring for yourself can become quite foreign. The reality is, it is a task trying  to maneuver your favorite store with your belly filled with your bundle of joy and other children in tow, to try on a few nice pieces while contemplating items to take home. Let me not forget the Inevitable – the moment of truth – trying to shop and decide what is best for your postpartum body, especially if it is not the same prior to pregnancy.

In honor of Mother’s Day Month and the Amazing gift of serving as a mother in any capacity, it is only right that I offer you a token of my appreciation from one mother / caregiver to another. I want to offer you ladies my services for free. You read right…FREE! Did I mention that this offer is for the ENTIRE month of MAY!!

For the month of MAY, you can take FULL advantage of your own personal shopper / wardrobe consultant for FREE. You can request my services to pick up that pair of shoes that will soon be on sale because you know you will not make it to the store 197904395-1before the sale ends. If you are in need of a new outfit for work or just some work attire inspirations, I am here for you! As your personal shopper – for FREE—I will go to a store and pick up a few pieces and deliver them to you so that you can choose which outfit(s) makes you squeal with excitement the most.

I am aware that the idea of having your own personal shopper may be out of the norm BUT besides offering my services for FREE, I will provide you with more reasons why you deserve and can benefit from your very own personal shopper / personal stylist!

While there are lots of department stores and boutiques that offer free personal shopping services, there is something really amazing about hiring a stylist who is fully dedicated to you (I know because I once hired my own)and will not be pushing the merchandise from a single  store. With my services, you can spend more time with the family or on your business, relieve the stress out of picking something up for yourself or someone else, avoid long lines and crowds, and eliminate the fear of the unknown regarding fashion and style. I should warn you of one key risk. You may never want to shop for yourself again! J

Now that I have warned you about the cost, benefits, and risks associated with my services, the only thing that is left for you to do is to give it a try and contact me!

Happy Mother’s Day, Every day and Let the Pampering continue!


Joí Iman, LLC

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