Posted by: Ted D. Davis

Comedian Corey Holcomb will appear at Hoover’s Comedy Club Stardome June 10-12, 2016 in four shows that assure no shortage of unapologetic humor and bristling honesty.

Holcomb was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and got his start in comedy in 1992 at an open mic night when fellow comedian Adele Givens called him onstage where he found immediate success. He eventually performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he has the distinction of being of few comics asked to join Jay on his couch following an initial performance.

Slide1Loosely referred to as the “ghetto Dr. Phil” for his focus on managing difficult relationships, he has appeared on the Home Box Office original Def Comedy Jam and It’s Showtime at the Apollo, and he is a current cast member on FOX television cartoon series The Cleveland Show and the MTV comedy improvisational Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out.

Magic City Radar got a chance to talk to Holcomb on the eve of his appearances in our city.

MCR: How are you, man?

CH: “I’m excellent, my man. I am doing great. How are you”?

MCR: I’m good. Thanks for asking and extending us this interview. You’re coming to Birmingham soon, huh?

CH: “My pleasure. Man, is it hot there yet” (laughing)?

MCR: As fire (laughing with him). Bring shorts!  Where does your honesty and frankness originate from? You don’t hold back.

CH:  “Oh man. Leave the suits at home. From not being afraid to say what’s on my mind. When you hold it in you die quicker (laughing). I believe that. I don’t intend to be mean to others, but I have to say what I mean”.

MCR: I believe you. Science shows it does (laughing with him).

Were you that way from an early age?

CH: “I got bold enough to say exactly what I mean when I was about 24 years old. I moved in with a girl that I thought was the one. I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with her, and then I found out that I was just the other guy for her. I was crushed. Man, there was a LOT I wanted to say to her during the course of our relationship that I didn’t and then she breaks up with me?

After that, I was going to say exactly what I want to say, all the time” (laughing).

MCR: I feel you. We can all relate to that. We all stay too long, and then get dumped.

CH: “Hey man that needs to be on a T-shirt! We mess up in relationships when we stay too long” (laughing boisterously)

MCR: Truly (laughing). I’ve made a name for myself staying too long.

Slide4What is the 5150 Show and how did it come about?

CH: “Man, 5150 is Police code for crazy. If you’re ever hear a police dispatch, they’ll say ‘5150’ to identify a person or scene as crazy. I’m crazy, and I wanted to distinguish my show as such. So, I adopted 5150 as my moniker.

We’ve been on the air for about a year and half and we have just over 7 million listeners on average. I’m really thrilled to say that. We look forward to the future”.

MCR: Fantastic! Congratulations.

Why do you call yourself the “ghetto Dr. Phil” (laughing)?

CH: I don’t go by that as much as I used to because people made such a big deal of it, but I gave myself that name because like him I give relationship advice. Here’s the catch, though: Dr. Phil advises you to stay together. He wants to help you stay in your relationship. I, on the other hand, advise you on how to leave your relationship. Ok (cracking up)?

When you need to get out, I’m your man. Get out before you’re three kids in”.

MCR: Yes Lord (cracking up)!  Themes tend to color a comics material depending on their age, like promiscuity in ones 20’s and settling down in your 30’s. Your bio states your date of birth in the late 1960’s. If that’s the case, what is the dominant theme of comedy in your 40’s?

CH: “The internet is terrible with birth dates! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten phone calls wishing me happy birthday, and I have to tell them that’s it’s not my birthday (chuckling).

The overall theme of my comedy is relationships, period”.

MCR: What’s it like working on The Cleveland Show (FOX television spin off of The Simpson’s)?

Slide2CH: “I’m a dude from the projects in Chicago. I cannot believe I got that gig, but they reached out to me and wanted me aboard. I was going to be cast as a kid, but I was eventually offered the role of Tubbs (The shows namesake’s wife’s boorish ex-husband). It’s been an honor just to be there, man.

And that’s what it’s about. Making a name for yourself and finding a lane so that you can make a living in Hollywood. It’s not easy, but if you take the time and put in the work, the money is definitely there”.

MCR: I say you’re easily the most naturally inventive cast member on Wild ‘n Out. Is that show rehearsed, and if not how hard is it to make an impromptu comedy show as successful as it is (it has run on MTV since 2005)?

CH: “I’m all impromptu. The creativity on the show, especially during the rap performances, absolutely amazes me. Those young guys really come up with amazing stuff off the top of their heads. I’m actually falling back a bit to make room for the younger guys to establish their own brand, so that they can make a living”.

MCR: Where is your favorite part of the country to perform and why?

CH: “I don’t really have a favorite part of the country to perform in, but EVERYONE I speak to, rich and poor, white, black, and other, can relate to me, whether or not they agree with me. A lot of people are spoiled and only want to hear what they want to hear, but more often than not they respect what I say. You have to be honest. That’s what it’s a about”.

MCR: What draws you to performances in Birmingham?

CH: “Man, both my parents are from Birmingham. My mom and dad are both from there, and I’m going to bring mama when I come, visit family, and have some fun. I still have family there, and I always look forward to the Birmingham portion of the schedule”.

MCR: How can fans reach you?

CH: “The best way to reach me is on Twitter @TheCoreyHolcomb, but I have to warn everyone that it’s not for the easily embarrassed (laughing boisterously). You know what I’m saying? If you’re looking for PG rated Corey Holcomb, you’ll be looking. It is what it is”.

MCR: (laughing boisterously with him) I feel you! It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s crazy!             

CH: “There you go! You know what’s up man”!

MCR: Thank you very much for this privilege.

CH: “You’re welcomed brother”.


Magic City Radar thanks Corey again for this funny, entirely engaging interview, and we’re pleased to provide it to our followers. Corey’s performances are Friday June 10 at 9:50 PM, two performances on Saturday June 11 at 6:35 and 8:50 PM, and Sunday June 12 at 6:35 PM. For more details, see