Posted by: D. Wright

As Alabamians and the rest of the world sit stunned at the recent news of Donald Trump winning the presidency, one of the many thoughts that crossed my mind was Ladies Night at Holiday Skate Center. I know right! For individuals living in Birmingham, Alabama during the 80s, you are well aware of the economic woes the city faced. Not only our city, but the country as a whole. The struggle was very real during the Reagan years. It was so real, we were happy with grilled cheese sandwiches made with thick blocked welfare cheese. At least children living in situations similar to mine, a single parent home with mama and a couple of extra children. Usually, the extra children were about four of my cousins and a friend. In my house, going to night events was a true luxury for children and you seldom got the chance to pick the event.  Mama decided! So, we went to Ladies Night at Holiday Skate Center.

Ladies  Night was safe, children were admitted for half-price, and ladies got in for free. You could either go or stay at home, my mother didn’t care. So, after given the option to stay or go, I went. Of course, as a silly  middle  school  aged boy, I was mad and against attending  at first. However, my thoughts quickly changed when I saw all the beautiful young ladies on the skate floor. Also, the music the DJ played was amazing.

The music played at the skating rink on Ladies Night  was some of the best R & B of that day. It was nothing like the hateful music of today. It was heavily predicated on love. Loving yourself, loving others, and loving that special lady you just met on the skate floor. During those times, people needed to feel love and be loved. Especially, those with less.

Although the Reagan years were not some of my greatest years, I have to give those years some due credit. If nothing else, the Reagan years taught people of color how to love one another and pray. I believe the Trump years will do the same. Go purchase a pair of skates.

Comment:  Over the next year, I look forward to sharing my memories of LADIES NIGHT @ HOLIDAY SKATE CENTER with you.