MCR: Dining Out With Comedienne Joy – Masaman Thai Kitchen

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Alabama restaurants have been recognized as some of the best in the country. From the hill tops of our northern cities top the ports of the southern coast, the state has something to please the taste buds of natives and visitors alike.

Nowhere is that more prevalent than in Birmingham. With the largest metropolitan area of any city on the state, it’s a melting pot of the diverse cultures the state possesses. Much of that culture can be attributed to the faculty and student body at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB), whose population demands diversity in food offerings.

Because it’s often difficult to choose what offering is best, we weigh the suggestions of others, including Cassandra King, comedian and food connoisseur, one of our state’s foremost food authorities.

Magic City Radar extends our thanks to Mrs. King for her concise, informative, and witty reviews of all the restaurants Birmingham has to offer, we look forward to what’s to come, and sharing her reviews. or