Ladies Night @ Holiday Skate Center

Posted by: D. Wright

Ladies Night @ Holiday Skate Center became my new hangout after just a week of attending.  I was initially reluctant to attend the event. However, the crowd of young, black, beautiful ladies on the skate floor totally pulled me in. I was really surprised to see the large number of gorgeous women in one place at one time. It was a dream come true and  miraculously I was living the dream.

For a young middle school  aged boy, Ladies Night was almost to much to handle. Luckily, for me, I  found a way to handle it. There were so many things about the night that was extraordinary for me. The music, food, skating, and definitely the ladies were all terrific.

In the 80’s, many young teenage girls would wear their skating gear to the rink. The  colorful socks, T-top shirts, and very fitting jeans were all for the purpose of catching a young gent as myself. Man, it was amazing to see how a pair of skates could make a young black woman’s lower back arch just right. And, how that arch helped fill-out the back of her jeans and positioned the Jordache horse perfect along the seat of her pants. When I think about those days, its amazing how simple delights could bring a young man so much joy.  I found some of my greatest pleasures just standing along the skate center wall  watching the young ladies twirl around in a circle.

Over the next couple of months, Ladies Night at Holiday got even better for me. More young ladies came out with their moms.  I got to see and meet young ladies from several surrounding cities. For someone that seldom got out, this was big for me. Surprisingly, I started to become well known at the rink. In some moths, I started to get a lot of waves from the young females . Needless to say, this made me very happy. The more ladies I met the more my confidence grew. Unfortunately, I had a problem. I could really wave well, but I did not have much conversation. Fortunately, I had enough sense to keep my mouth shut and let the music talk for me.  All I needed was catch the right song at the right time. This worked well because usually the DJ payed exactly what was on my mind. So what, if I didn’t have a car or a place to entertain women, I was a young boy with dreams!