MCR: Tax Season with Ce Ce Jones

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Ce Ce Jones -CEO of MPA Financials, Author, Entrepreneur, Financial Expert, Accountant & Mom to an awesome kid.

  1. Tell us about MPA Financials (when were you established and what all do you do?)

MPA Financials was started  in 2010 as an income tax prep service catering to Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas.  At that time with years of accounting experience under my belt, I knew I wanted my business to be more than just the next “tax shop”.  I wanted to expand and become a “One Stop Shop” for all accounting needs to business owners and individuals.  So from there I revamped and MPA Financials was born, now we have clients in over 5 states.  We have grown from just preparing taxes to a list of accounting and financial services.  

  1. Are you looking to start more locations?

Thanks to Technology we already have clients in several states, but YES, we are definitely looking to expand and establish more locations in other cities.  Huntsville, AL is the newest, we have a satellite office there for the 2017 tax year as well as in Tuscaloosa, AL. 

  1. What makes MPA Financials unique in the Accounting and Tax industry?

MPA originated as My Personal Accountant.  I wanted every client whether big or small to feel like I was their very own personal accountant.  I believe MPA Financials stand out from the crowd because I take a personal interest in each and every one of our clients to make sure we’re not just providing a service but also guiding the client to financial success.

  1. Tax season is here, what are some things people should be aware of when filing their 2016 taxes?

Yay for Tax Season!! Tax season opens on January 23rd, but MPA is taking appointments now. J

  1. There are some new delays that people should be aware of. Individuals that normally receive the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) will have a delay in receiving refunds according to the IRS.  Those refunds will be released on or after Feb 15th
  2. I know some people like to try and file with their last check stub. Please don’t do that this year.  The IRS is increasing their initiatives to verify all W-2 and tax information.  They are cracking down on identity theft and refund fraud. If your filed tax data is not accurate, they will find out and this will cause a delay in receiving your refund.
  3. Make sure your tax preparer is knowledgeable on the Affordable Health Care Act.  Your return will be delayed if certain questions are not answered correctly. 
  4. Make sure you have all necessary tax documents before filing. Your employer, agencies, mortgage companies and banks have until January 31st to make sure your documents are POSTMARKED and in the mail.  So please make sure you have all tax documents before filing to avoid having to amend your tax return.


  1. When preparing taxes for your clients, would you prefer preparing taxes for individuals or businesses and why?

I love all of my clients, but there is nothing like having that personal contact with an individual knowing you are potentially helping them better themselves financially. Whether it be advising on how to get out of tax debt or how to increase savings for a rainy day.  

  1. For local businesses, what are some things MPA Financials offers for their clients?

Local and nationwide, the services we offer includes:  Small – Medium Business Accounting, Corporate & Individual Income Tax Preparation, Full Payroll Services, Notary Services, Financial Consultation (Business & Personal), Credit Restoration, LLC Formations and Business Start-Ups.

  1. What are some of the social platforms MPA Financials use and how can our readers get in touch with you to schedule an appointment? 

You can schedule an appointment on our website, or give us a call at 888.316.3830.  We’re also on Facebook and Twitter as MPA Financials.  MPA is currently accepting tax appointments, so give us a call to schedule.