Posted by: MCR

Quite often, there is very little entertainment to be had in the Magic City on a Thursday night. Fortunately, Perfect Note Music Hall recognized the lack of Thursday night entertainment and filled it with a karaoke event. OPEN MIC NIGHT @ Perfect Note Music Hall is one of the hottest events in the Magic City. Local artist from near-and-far are allowed to showcase their talents on the Perfect Note stage with assistance from a live band.  

Last night, MCR had a chance to attend Perfect Note’s OPEN MIC NIGHT. And, despite the rainy weather, a great number of people came out to support. It seemed that people were eager to show their singing talent and had been waiting for the opportunity all week. Multiple attendees took the stage to sing their favorite and recently rehearsed songs. If you haven’t already, MCR would definitely recommend you add this to your RADAR for Thursday night events to attend in the Magic City.