MCR Exlusive: Goo Goo Atkins – 2017 Natural Hair & Heath Expo

Magic City Radar Alert: Goo Goo Atkins at the 2017 Natural Hair & Heath Expo

Posted by: Ted D. Davis

Thomasina “Goo Goo” Atkins, the younger sister of Gospel super group Mary Mary, is a celebrity wardrobe stylist, fashion expert, journalist, and correspondent for WeTV’s YouTube hit “Goo Ru Style”, in which she offers fashion advice to fashion lovers and burgeoning fashonistas. To be sure, she’s a fashion titan who offers subscribers deft yet practical advice about everything from the proper cut of suit pants and pencil skirts to the latest, dopest perfumes and sneakers.

goo-goo-atkins-2She has served as stylist to celebrities including Morris Chestnut, Mary Mary, Lisa Ray, and Laila Ali, and is a celebrity endorser of national retailer Marshall’s.

On March 11, 2017 Goo Goo will be appear at the 2017 Natural Hair & Health Expo, hosted by Design Essential Hair Products at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center.

Magic City Radar had the privilege of speaking to her ahead of her appearance about her love for natural hair and fashion.

MCR: In an era of high fashion weave, why do you promote natural hair?

Goo Goo: “(laughs) I just wanted to. When I cut my hair off, there are those who questioned whether or not I was in a gang, among other crazy assumptions, but I did it because it’s what I wanted to do. I like the look that God has given me, and I like to show it off. I’m proud of what God has made me. It’s about me and what I wanna do, and I proudly promote natural hair”.

MCR: What dictates when you choose a natural style over a straightened look?

“It’s dictated by the mood I’m in, whatever matches the look I’m in, and what statement I’m making at the time. I don’t pay attention to what the culture tells me is beautiful. I do what I wanna do as far as style.  Sometimes an outfit inspires a straightened style, but often I can pull off any look with a natural hair style.

And I hate perming. I grew it out and hated perming. I looked forward to cutting it off, and when I was entirely over perming, I cut it off. I won’t be perming ever again”.

MCR: What’s your method as a stylist? Do you simply promote current style trends or do you seek to create and drive new ones?

Goo Goo: “You know what? I don’t push myself too far in any direction. I’ll thinkgooatkins things out and go with it. If you’re not being yourself, you’re working too hard. I wear what I want to wear. My manner is the same with celebrities. I’m about finding looks that are very much in the character of the individual”.

MCR: What current style trends do you love and are there any that you hate?

Goo Goo: I don’t know anything about trends (laughing with me). If I like a look, I’ll mention it to my assistants and they will research its name or give it a name. I couldn’t tell you what trends exist, but I do like cut-out sleeves, cut-out shoulders, and chokers. Anything that pushes the envelope, is sexy, or even a little provocative is what I’m after. A little provocative is right on time”.

MCR: What article of clothing should every man and every woman own?

“A man should own a great black suit that he can mix and match with everything, he can pair with a sweater, pull on the jacket with jeans, wear the pants with some other ensemble and whatever else works. A man should also own a pair of dark denim jeans and a beautiful, dark shoe.

It’s always been about a woman in a “little black dress”, but I’m not a stickler for black. I think a solid dress in any color is an essential wardrobe piece for a woman, as well as great dark shoe”.

MCR: Your website says that the public can buy pieces which you’ve collected from your celebrity clients, which is no doubt a thrill for fans of these artists. How affordable is this collection?

Goo Goo: “I can’t sell things for 25.00 (giggling resolutely). If I pay 2000.00 for a garment, I can’t sell it for 75.00. That’s just economics. It depends on what it is, mainly.

new1You have to consider that the people who buy those articles from me likely have a few dollars and can afford them. So, I sell them accordingly. And many items have been worn in movies and on video sets, and over time became collector’s items. A piece that I buy for five thousand today could be worth eight thousand four years later when an individual is interested.

But there always occasions when I pick up a luxury brand item like a pair of boots for say, 50.00, and I can sell them for 100.00. That’s sweet too.

I consider everyone’s budget as much as possible”.

MCR: I love that we live in an era when designers are making clothing for every body type. Everyone can find clothing that fits and flatters their body. What’s the best brand for the full figured woman?

Goo Goo: “Oooooo, that’s a real generalized question. Primarily, it depends on a person’s style and shape. There are actually a lot of designers today who have fantastic full figure lines, like Tory Burch, Melissa McCarthy, XO, and I’m always finding great pieces on

But there’s no one designer who has the ideal full figure line. Full figure shoppers have to get out in stores, see what’s available, and get online to find clothing that best suits them the same way everyone else does. And there’s a wealth of beautiful clothing out there for full figures.

If you follow me on social media you can see where I shop and what I shop for, which will help subscribers identify and find what you’re looking for”.

MCR: On a “Shopping Haul” episode  of Goo Ru Style you mention the Sneaker Broker. Does he sell to the public at large or is a celebrity only stylist?

Goo Goo: “A celebrity stylist sells to everyone. The tag “celebrity stylist” implies that we do work for celebrities, but we serve anyone who can afford our goods and services”.

MCR: Great! What’s next for Goo Goo?

Goo Goo: I’m actually on set now, finishing up, and not working (laughing gregariously). But a lot is in the works. A new season of Goo Ru Style is on its way, a new season of Mary Mary (the Entertainment One show which chronicles the lives and careers of her famous sisters) is on its way, and I’m bringing my “Gifting and Glam Suite” (her showcase of fashion, accessories, makeup, and hair) to the 2017 Stellar Awards in March (the award honors gospel artists)”.


MCR: How can you be reached?

Goo Goo: “My website and picThe free advice is online at Goo Ru Style. I can be reached to work for pay at those addresses (laughing)”.

MCR: Thank you, girl!

Goo Goo: “My pleasure. Be blessed”!

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