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Gerald Brown a Certified Sport Specific Trainer since 1986.  Brown, while enlisted in the United States Navy in Pensacola, Florida, has worked to transform lives as a personal trainer.  He was selected to be the Group Fitness Instructor of the United States Navy bodybuilding and aerobics team.  Under his coaching, two team members, along with himself, competed in a bodybuilding competition and placed among the top four winners.

Gerald earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Orthopedic Technology specializing in post-surgical and rehabilitative training. Additionally, he earned his Sports and Nutritional training from Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and American Council on Exercise (ACE).   In 1992, he moved to Atlanta and continued providing intense, results-driven training and guidance to clients and athletes.  Gerald has had the privilege of training players and celebrities such as: Marco Coleman (13 year NFL veteran) and his wife, Marvin Williams (Atlanta Hawks), David Justice (Atlanta Braves), R&B Groups (A Few Good Men, Shades of Lingo) and various LaFace Records artists.

Gerald relocated to Birmingham, AL and soon after opened Body Exclusive Fitness and has been steadily growing his client base ever since.    His charismatic personality and sense of humor coupled with his intense training style is what allows him to obtain and retain clients.  He welcomes clients into his fitness family with his mantra of “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!”

Fueled by his passion for fitness and health, he continues to expand his message of health, wellness and fitness to the masses, through request to speak and conduct group fitness demonstrations at military bases, health & fitness conferences, youth camps and a host of others. Gerald always welcomes the opportunity to share his message on how to live a healthier life.  He’s an advocate of the saying, “Your health is your wealth.”

Gerald believes anyone can improve his/her fitness level no matter what their physical condition may be.  His sole purpose is to develop workouts that are both challenging and stimulating and individually tailored to ensure each person meets his/her goal.  His approach to cultivating relationships with his clients speaks to his belief that fitness is the foundation for a long-term healthy, vibrant life.

Body Exclusive Fitness is a private personal training studio and offers a variety of services such as personal training, group training, weight-loss, injury prevention and nutritional meal planning.   Located at 266 Gadsden Highway, Birmingham, AL 35253. 

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