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Cape Town, South Africa & Whiplash

When the plane landed I thought, “WOW”! I really am on the other side of the world. How did a storyteller from Washington, DC end up here?

There’s also a Hollywood connection here. The movie Whiplash, a box office hit in 2014, nominated for best picture, J.K. Simmons won a Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Supporting Actor is the reason I find myself in Cape Town.

ct1July of this year on a beautiful night I had dinner with a couple at their home in Los Angeles. One of my hosts had a guiding hand behind the box office hit. During dinner he went on and on how special of a place Cape Town, South Africa is. “You know Black Sails was filmed there?” I didn’t, and I loved the Starz series which dramatized the events that shaped the legendary characters Long John Silver and Captain Flint from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, Treasure Island. “Roman, the scenery is amazing, the locals so down to earth, and the wine! Trust me it’s good!” I was hooked, so hooked I had a ticket the next day!

Here I am. Ready to explore, ready to write, ready to educate myself and………… seek out new adventures…………