MCR: A Hiatus from Drink and Returning for Something Special

Published by: MCR

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Two months and not a drop of alcohol. That has not happened since 2007. At the beginning of that year a man bet me $15,000 I couldn’t go 6 months without drinking. After four months he lowered the bet to $8000. That’s when I began consuming again.

Now, I simply set aside alcohol these past two months for me. I had been enjoying wine so much I thought it a good idea to rest one of my great passions.

I appreciate a good whisky/scotch. Balvenie 17 year old DoubleWood is my favorite. With the end of my sabbatical from alcohol and as a traveler who prizes exquisite libations, I thought it unwise to visit Japan and not pick up a bottle of something special. I’m heading to the Philippines in a few days. Going to pack this in my bag and enjoy there. Hopefully on a balcony with a stunning view and on my laptop storytelling away……