Birmingham is becoming one of the hottest markets in the country for commercial and residential real estate. Downtown Birmingham continues to grow with over 30 new projects, causing the real estate industry to see a tremendous increase.
Magic City Radar spoke with Brihanna James, one of the youngest Realtors in the state of Alabama to discuss some helpful tips for potential home buyers in the Birmingham area.
A native of Huntsville, AL Ms. James, in addition to her career in real estate, owns an interior design/home staging company, Seventh & Grand, that she started at the tender age of 23. Using her degree from the University of Alabama in Consumer Affairs and Family Financial Planning, she also finds time to provide mentorship with individuals regarding creditworthiness, finance, saving for down payment, and home ownership facts
Buying a home is a huge financial step for everyone, however, with good financial img_5243preparation, the buyer can increase their spending power. Here are 3 tips Ms. James encourages potential home buyers to focus on when financially preparing to purchase a home.
✓ Create a savings goal of at least 20% of the home you wish to purchase and keep debt to a minimum.
✓ Familiarize yourself with the different loan options and current market interest rates.
✓ Do not pay off your debt! Speak with both your realtor and preferred lender to determine the best plan of action. Paying off large sums of debt could dramatically decrease your purchasing power.

There are many communities in the Birmingham and surrounding areas to take into consideration when purchasing a home. Understanding your needs is vital to a successful process. Ms. James unpacks two important tips for home buyers to consider when selecting the right community to live in.
img_5242· Educational Systems- If you have or wish to start a family, areas with great school systems play a major role. It’s no secret that schools can impact the market value of a home. While it may not seem like something families without kids should be concerned with, the quality of the school district can directly impact your home’s resale value.
· Future Developments- Whether our goal is to live in your new home for 5 or 20 years, it’s important to know what the future of your community looks like. The best way to do this is to check with the local planning office and see what may be on the books for upcoming development. Ensuring the location of your new home is right, will increase the quality of your day-to-day life and enjoyment of your home.
Thanks to Ms. James, buyers will be equipped with the proper knowledge and education to find the forever home suitable for them and meets their personal needs. If you have questions about purchasing or selling a home, advice about credit or if you are looking for interior design services, call and schedule a consultation with Ms. Brihanna James.

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