Magic City Radar – October 11, 2015

By, T.D. Davis


3On Friday, October 30, 2015 Platinum of Birmingham plays host to rap superstar Rick Ross. Self-proclaimed “The Boss” because, as he told GQ Magazine in its September 20, 2011 issue, “I have my homeys or whatever bringing me the best food. I smoke the best weed. I get the best massages. I keep myself in shit like this. I’m a boss”, Ross will perform at Birmingham’s iconic night club Platinum of Birmingham at 10 p.m. in a precursor to The Magic City Classic. Ross, whose debut album Port of Miami debuted at the top of Billboards chart, was released in 2006 and spawned the hits “Hustlin” and “Push It”. His critically acclaimed 2010 album Teflon Don debuted a number 2 on Billboard, with the singles “Super High” featuring R&B prince Ne-Yo driving sales to gold status. His fifth studio album, 2012’s God Forgives I Don’t debuted at number one on Billboard, featuring the chart topping single “Diced Pineapples”, the exotic, prophetic single “Amsterdam”, and the namesake track “You the Boss”. In 2014 he released two albums, Mastermind and Hood Billionaire, a rare fete for any artist.Slide1

Famous musically for his concise, smooth rhymes, clever wordplay and trademark, chesty “Waugh” cattle call, Ross is the president of MayBach Music Group, a subsidiary of Def Jam Recordings Inc. whose roster includes rappers Meek Mill, Gunplay and Stalley.

A showplace for local and national music acts for over three decades, Platinum of Birmingham is pleased to present the Grammy nominated rapper. Magic City Radar sat down with Platinum General Manager Amartei Amamaoo to discuss the event and its impact on the venue and the city.

Magic City Radar: “What’s in store at Platinum this Classic season”?

Amartei Amamaoo: “A lot! We’re hosting the official Classic Pep Rally, and Rick Ross in concert, which we feel will be the biggest concert of the year at Platinum, where we host hip and R&B’s biggest stars all year. Rick Ross is one of hip hop’s most talented wordsmiths and among its three or four most recognizable faces. From an event and business perspective, we couldn’t be more thrilled that he chose Platinum as host of his appearance this Classic season”.

Magic City Radar: “What is Platinum’s approach to booking an act the scale of Ross”?

12112360_10153199275536342_1441839009817950094_nAmartei Amamaoo: “We make an offer to the artist. We hit the streets, find out from the public who they want to see, and make an offer to the artist to perform in the city of Birmingham at Platinum. Ross is pricey but he’s more than worth it because he’s what Birmingham wants. We want to meet public demand for entertainment”.

Magic City Radar: “Does star power of the scale of Rick Ross place greater demands on your normal logistical strategy”?

Amartei Amamaoo: “Food, drink, and accommodation are in greater demand during Classic weekend period. We can’t stock enough of anything for an event that will draw 60 to 80 thousand fans, and the traffic that it will drive into the club before and after the game. Add the presence of “The Boss”, and we pull out all stops to meet the weekend entertainment demands”.

Magic City Radar: “What type of set will Ross perform”?

Amartei Amamaoo: “He’ll do a full concert. Our focal point in drawing a contract with Rick was to try to ensure that he gives attendees the experience of a full scale concert for their investment. Tickets for Rick in traditional concert halls typically cost at least a fourth more than what we’re asking. Already, pre-concert sales point to this show being THE concert of the year at Platinum and the city of Birmingham”.

Magic City Radar is pleased and privileged to bring you this spotlight on Ross and the venue that is bringing “classic” entertainment to Birmingham this Classic season. For information on cost, location, layout and more, see