Rhiannon Giddens

Posted by: Reggie Allen
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It was an intimate night at the popular concert venue. On a normal night, patrons are expect to stand for the show, with limited seating in the back. But for Wednesday night, the Iron City Bham filled the once-competitive space for several rows of fold-up chairs.21839790446_fc17d4dde0_o-2

The night’s guest was none other than popular folk singer Rhiannon Giddens. Many may know her as a member of the Grammy award-winning Carolina Chocolate drops, a bluegrass group that she founded. Nowadays, the folk singer has taken the solo route and recently released her debut album “Tomorrow is My Turn.”

It was also a bit of Carolina Chocolate Drops reunion.Former CCD cellist, Leyla McCalla served as the opening artist. McCalla left the group to also focus on her solo career. Backed by a small band, she played an hour set, which was well-received by the crowd.
img_2368_21243295384_oDonning a red dress, Giddens was welcomed by a thunderous applause. Guitar in hand, the folk singer began with songs from her solo album, which included made famous by Dolly Pardon, Patsy Cline and Nina Simone. After each song, she engaged in small dialogue with the audience.