Posted by: Denisha Jovon

I’ve started a whole new way of eating! Although I was a pretty healthy eater before, I heard about the 22 Day Vegan diet that Beyoncé swears by (for weight loss) and decided to take on this challenge myself. This is not a diet. I repeat, this is not a diet! I’m really hoping I can maintain this as a way of life from here on out. Instead of buying into veganism as a means for weight loss, I look forward to cultivating an even healthier lifestyle.

My 10 Day Experience

I looked into kick starting my vegan journey with the trendy 22 Day Vegan meal plan, but $600 was a bit steep. So, I went to the grocery store stocked up on veggies, beans, fruits, almond butter, nuts, quinoa, noodles (for vegan Jjajangmyeon) & tofu!

I thought going vegan would be tough! Reading over all the things you aren’t allowed to have might send you packing. But, I don’t miss the meat or cheese and I had already switched to almond and soy milk a year ago. My first couple of days or so, I wasn’t as energized to work-out as I had been before, but that was resolved by simply increasing my carb intake throughout the day. It’s been a great 10 days! I can say that I’ve never eaten veggies or fruit the way I should, until now. I’m looking forward to the next 10 days and awesome new vegan recipes to try!