1. Tell us about yourself (where are you from, how long have you been writing, what 5182_571285726866_3295095_ninspire to write, etc?

Although I am originally from from Birmingham, Alabama, I currently reside in the mountains of North Carolina. I have been always been a writer. Currently I run a conscious living blog     

2. Tell about your upcoming book (The purpose of the book, what inspire you to write this book, how did you coming up with the title)

Vegan Curious is an interactive workbook designed to help people transition in to a healthier lifestyle. I was inspired by all the questions I get from my family, friends and followers as it relates to my vegan lifestyle. I wanted to share what I’ve learned. 

3. Tell us about the book ( What are some recipes included in the book, what should people expect from your book?)

The book covers everything from how to change your mind set to how to get your protein. I even sprinkled a few of my all time favorite recipes in the book. There is a  tofu recipe, banana ice cream recipe and more

4.  What do you hope readers take away from your book?

Eating right seems easy until it is time to apply it.  I am hoping my readers will walk away understanding how to eat healthier. By the end of the readers will have a running list of vegan foods that love, how to get their calcium, and how to get their protein, and more. 

  5. How can people purchase your book and follow you on social media ?

Purchase the book at: curious/

Facebook: AishaAdamsBlog

Check out my plates on Instagram AishaAdamsBlog