White Zinfandel Sangria Lemonade

White zinfandel mixed with fresh lemon juice, red currants, peaches, and apples then topped with club soda. This white zinfandel sangria lemonade is an incredible beverage to serve guests during the summer and fall season.

San Francisco has an Indian summer. Most of the year, it’s overcast and foggy throughout the city with the exception of the downtown area. Summer is like that too, something to keep in mind if you’re planning to visit SF. You’ll want to bring a jacket just in case.

But the moment it hits September and October, we’re bracing ourselves for the heat.

The last couple days have been unbearably hot. Like 90s, hot. And because a majority of the year our weather is cool, most of the houses here are not equipped with air conditioning. So you can imagine how nice it must feel in the house. Not really.

We’re throwing ice cubes in everything, devouring ice cream, making cocktails and lemonades.

You can just imagine.

And then of course, it cools down drastically overnight. So now, we’re back to 50-60s.

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