Hands On Birmingham Volunteer – Alex Lawley

Posted by: MCR

Hands On Birmingham is committed to provide unique opportunities to volunteers that impact the lives of various individuals. One of their exceptional volunteers is Alex Lawley, a Consumer Lending Specialist at America’s First Credit Union. Alex Lawley is an outstanding volunteer who has served on the HOB Junior Board since 2012, while serving as president in 2014. Lawley holds a B.S. degree in Business Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Follow Lawley’s story on his view of volunteerism.

  1. Why do you volunteer? What does it mean to you?

I volunteer because it is an easy way to give back and make an impact on the community. Volunteering means more to me than I realize until I haven’t done it in awhile. That feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction of not only knowing you made an impact, but seeing that impact first hand is always worthwhile.

  1. How has your involvement in Hands On Birmingham impacted the community?

That’s a tough question. It is sometimes hard for one to know their direct impact they have made on their community. It’s easy to say you have cleaned up neighborhoods or roads, repaired broken items, helped individuals in need, or one of the many other projects HOB continues to accomplish. I am lucky enough to be involved with HOB to the point of seeing the physical and financial benefits it has on our community. I can truly say that the impact it has had on my life has been priceless.

  1. Tell us about a memorable volunteer moment you experienced.

While every project has a memorable moment, one of the funniest ones for me was at Camp Fletcher. Some of the kids bagged a deer that had been on the side of the road for let’s just say awhile. Hearing the kids talk about it and others reactions when that particular bag made its way to the dumpster is something I’ll never forget. Two years later at the same project, those kids were back at Camp Fletcher.  They too have not forgotten about it, and had a blast telling the story to everyone around.

  1. Why is the Hands On Birmingham IGNITE Awards Ceremony needed to recognize volunteers?

Ignite is a great way to showcase those that donate thousands of dollars in sweat equity. While not everyone can donate cash money to a cause, everyone can find a way to donate time by volunteering. That donation can easily go unnoticed sadly, but Ignite will help change that.