MCR: Birmingham, What’s Going On?

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What’s going on? A very relevant question in past days following a number of senseless gun related incidence occurring throughout Birmingham. A 15-year-old child killed while lying in her home. A 70-year-old woman shot while waiting to cross an intersection. Why has the depreciation of life risen throughout our communities? What or who is to blame? Has the high visibility of the violence on television caused us to become increasingly desensitized? Or, maybe the video games and music we repeatedly play and hear has taught us to devalue life? Depending on who you ask, you are certain to receive a wide array of different perspectives regarding the cause for the violence.

Despite the various explanations given for the senseless violence, no one seems to have a viable plan to stop it. There is just a lot of talk. What about the federal funding the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, promised to give troubled and high crime cities. Can we use some of those funds to get cameras on all the street corners? What about establishing more police substations within the communities? Also, how about citizen accountability? Let us hold the citizens of these communities responsible for what takes place in their neighborhoods. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!!!  It’s not snitching if it saves lives.

“What’s Going On”, was released in the 1970s and addressed topics about the effects of a war abroad and at home. Unfortunately, for us, many of the issues discussed in this song remain relevant today. We see this to be prevalent within our inner-city communities. Therefore, it seems reasonable for us to ask the question, what’s going on?