Vini da Italia (Wines of Italy)

Published by: MCR

Shared article & images by: Roman Paschal

My main reason for coming to Torino was for wine. This is Barolo and Barbaresco country! Wines made from the Nebbiolo grape. I’ve seen sommeliers and lovers of wines eye’s gloss over at the mention of the Barolos and Barbaresco from here, the Piedmont region of Italy.

I wanted to get special bottles. The kind that would make my memories sparkle for many, many years down the road. From polling three sommeliers, talking to locals and one friend I trust implicitly when it comes to wine, I chose Gaja, one of the top producers of Barolos and Barbaresco.

To this point I have only tried the Darmagi 2006 and Sperss 2006. Darmagi means what a pity, which I took as advice not to waste. So when a sliver of this succulent wine ran down the bottle as I poured my second glass, I licked the bottle. That’s the truth! 95% Cabernet, the rest a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. I assumed this was the least of my Gaja stash so I tried it first. I knew it was divine a second after it touched my tongue. Be careful when opening, for some reason, Gaja has unusually long corks.

Sperss means nostalgia. A good word when thinking about this wine because it definitely lingers on the tongue. It’s 95% Nebbiolo and 6% Barbera. Dry, medium bodied with rich dark berry flavors.

While not from this region, the Amarone and Rosso del Bepi by Giuseppe Quintarelli came recommended so highly that I could not say no. My passion for wine more times than not corrupts the word no into Yessssssss!

A young lady (an absolute pleasure of a soul) who works at the wine bar I frequent here turned me onto Terlan. They are now my favorite when it comes to Italian whites. So far I have only tried the 2014 Pinot Bianco. It is outstanding! I’m afraid to dream how amazing the 2002 and 2004 will be.